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Libra's solar power brings objectivity, helping us see both or all 20 sides of every argument. But, as the saying goes, she who stands for nothing falls for everything. Trying to be high-minded or uninvolved could sow dissension throughout the ranks. People will want to know: Are you with us or against us? This can force some folks to make a difficult decision, either abandoning groupthink or choosing to go along for the sake of the team.

It's ultimately up to every individual to decide what's most important.

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Cuffing season arrives with an extra dollop of sex appeal starting Tuesday as vixen Venus dons her sultriest apparel and slinks into Scorpio's red room until November 1. For the next three weeks, keep a firm privacy policy in place. This is NOT the time to incite a riot on Instagram with a mysterious ring photo or to churn up drama by alluding to a potential situationship that might not even really be happening. Or is it? Keep it tucked in the vault; let it be a scintillating secret between you and bae. Share ideas and plan to participate.

Stick close to home on the 12th. You have plenty to do if you want to make time for a new venture. Your plans will backfire if you try to persuade others to do things or see things your way. An open mind will be the doorway to new beginnings on the 7th, 8th, and 9th. How you get along with others will make a difference to your popularity as well as your ability to conjure up the support you need to get things done.

Get the facts and go about your business. All that really matters is what you do and say.

Sun enters Scorpio

A challenge you face on the 12th will motivate you to use your skills and experience differently. An emotional matter that surfaces on the 7th, 8th, and 9th, should be handled swiftly. If you let issues escalate, you will miss an opportunity that has the potential to change your life.

A lifestyle change, residential move, or path that encourages personal growth is upon you on the 10th and 11th. Be receptive to new beginnings, and positive results will be yours. Look over the facts and build a strong case to warrant the decision you make. Have a backup plan in place. Look for an exciting way to describe your attributes on the 7th, 8th, and 9th, and you will drum up interest. Networking events will be an excellent platform for you to present your skills and ideas.

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Someone will talk about you on the 10th and 11th, leaving you in a vulnerable position. Be ready to defend your reputation and your interests. Make adjustments at home on the 12th that will make you feel more at ease with the choices you make. Use your intelligence and experience to outmaneuver anyone who challenges you. Stick to basics and take each step with confidence. A positive change is heading your way. Astrology doesn't sugarcoat the truth. But, honestly, why would you ever want it to?

Vogue Edition

Astrology presents you with an opportunity to delve deeper into the cycle of life. In order to truly embrace growth and become a better person, you've got to keep…. There is no such thing as smooth sailing in astrology. Instead, astrology describes the emotional roller coaster that is life. At times, it's downright difficult and it may even feel like there's no hope in sight. Luckily, there's always a new day…. Creativity is subjective, but in the end, all worthy pieces of work should be open to interpretation.

Truth is, it doesn't matter whether you're entertaining the idea of writing, or expressing yourself through a blank canvas; you are the creator.

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