Third quarter moon astrology

These individuals with a full moon as their natal moon phase grow the most through the reflection of others. Full moon babies continually attract key partners that inspire their growth. Disseminating moon babies are here to learn what it means to give back. It reminds me of Gemini energy in that way — very curious, very communicative, constantly on the go.

They are thoughtful, intuitive types who find deeper meaning not in the external world, but in the internal. Natives born during this moon phase NEED to live a life true to their authentic selves. Likewise, they are here to end some cycles as well. These types enter the world with strong karma attached. Time alone to reflect is essential for balsamic or dark moon babies. Spirituality is a key theme, and they must come back to self — as many of the people in their life will likely leave them at some point.

Finding solace in oneself is crucial for balsamic babies. Balsamic moon types are quiet but powerful, with the innate ability to transform themselves as well as guide others in how to gracefully transition. They know that everything is temporary, so they do not fear death. Haley Comet Follow. The "something wrong" is generally inside, the change required a mental adjustment, some shift in our thinking, our intentions, or beliefs. Rudhyar called the waxing square a "crisis in action" and the waning square a "crisis in consciousness". If we don't like the sound of the word "crisis," we might be soothed by what astrologer Sylvia Carroll says about squares: "The square does not feel unpleasant unless the energy backs up on you.

Tension here can feel exhilarating as long as it is flowing in action and not dammed up. It is only frustrating when you have no outlets to apply the tension. Finding proper outlets is particularly tricky with the Last Quarter phase. Case in point: an inner city shooting during one Last Quarter Moon was against a year-old woman in a wheelchair.

The reason? Her assailant was lost-an apt enough metaphor for a crisis in consciousness. He stopped her for directions, yet when she couldn't help him, he shot her. We tend to drag the outer world into our inner quagmires all the time, particularly at the Last Quarter.

4. Waxing Gibbous (Refine)

Our field is clogged with residue from our growth cycle. A less inward and thoughtful period, the waxing Moon drags in its wake immoderate desires, faulty judgements, misguided ambitions.


Having been so attuned to the outer world, we may have behaved in ways that won us social approval, but took us away from our innermost selves. The underlying desire is to reconnect with our essence. My favorite image for the Last Quarter Moon is the "solo spinout". You know, the lone car discovered upside-down or flipped on its side by the edge of the road with no evidence of collision. The crushed car bleeds with mystery. What happened, we wonder What threw the driver onto his brakes, what wrenched the steering wheel out of his hands?

There is a recognition, rising against our naive hope that the roads we drive will always be safe, straight and smooth: the soul drives an invisible road, that can, when you least expect it, suddenly diverge from the public one. And so it is with the Last Quarter, out of nowhere we can find ourselves unhappy, even desperate, turned upside-down, with no clear reason why.

Something inside wants to redirect us, to change our course at the Last Quarter Moon. That's the tension. We can move willingly in the new direction or pull back. During a spinout, most people instinctively slam on the brakes and steer against the spin. But experts advise the opposite: Don't brake. Turn into the spin. So it is with the momentum of the waning cycle. Things are changing. Go with it. Whatever it was we were trying to build in the waxing weeks, we've either already accomplished or gotten new information that can alter our future course.

But the future isn't here yet. This is a transitional time. There is something more to do before the new cycle arrives. Often the work is about letting go. Letting go of unhelpful people, places or things, misguided dreams, attitudes or behaviors-whatever it is that holds us back.

Few people like being advised to let go. As a counseling astrologer, this is the moment I feel as if I'm offering a spoonful of castor oil, "C'mon, this is good for you!

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It will make you feel lighter, less encumbered, more alert and awake! Release that thing and you'll be stronger! After all, we only hear it when we're still holding on. There's the earthy one that's falling away-and the possible one that's beckoning, brighter and more beautiful, if only we'd make room for it. Our perception needs cleansing at the Last Quarter. In burning away the unfortunate by-products of the waxing period, we create an earth-bound version of that spacious place our spirit knows. We gift ourselves with the required room to start over at the next New Moon. We must "essentialize" in the Last Quarter, drawing closer to our core.

This is, as Sylvia Carroll recommended, a positive outlet for the square's stress. Cleaving to our spirit is a more exhilarating project than just letting go. Scrubbing away what doesn't suit us feels good.

The Moon Phases in Astrology

This approach is particularly comforting during the long three-to-four years of a progressed Last Quarter period. We're moving on. Of course this psychic renewal is also worth doing monthly at every Last Quarter phase, whatever longer progression we're in. They're born revolutionaries, at odds with any empty authority. Last Quarters enter their progressed New Moon before the age of fifteen.

And so, younger than those born in all phases but Balsamic, they see the world with perhaps fresher eyes, are inspired to abandon social norms, and know their own minds before many of their peers know theirs. They're ahead of the curve. Doing this requires trust. And so the Moon patiently models for us how cycles work.

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She acquires light and form, then she relinquishes it. She builds, she lets go, and, renewed, she builds again. Cycles are fluid, ever-changing and natural - unlike the standard date-boxes on our calendars. When we follow the Moon, we eventually sense each cycle as an animal in the wild senses time, as circumstances that favor - or block - this or that activity.

When we surrender to this flow, we may seem particularly content or even lucky to others, but all we're doing is harmonizing with the nature of time. Whenever we find ourselves in a situation that has grown past benefit, we can apply the lessons of the Last Quarter Moon.

Caught in an economy on the downturn, for example, we can nonetheless feel ready and purposeful, given what the Moon has taught us to do: We can simplify our lives to what matters. We can scrub off the excess. We can let our spirit go less encumbered to that beautiful picture ahead of us. During one Last Quarter Moon, Linn called. Write your list of dream relationship qualities or create a manifestation vision board. You could also schedule a first date, create or update your dating profile, or even ask a friend to set you up with someone exciting.

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If you are already attached, this is a great time to take your relationship to the next level. You can have conversations with your love about becoming official, moving in together, engagement, or starting a family. Pay attention to this time, as often new folks or circumstances will enter your life. This is heightened when the new moon falls into your fifth house of love, creativity, and children or seventh house of long-term partnerships and marriage.

Moon Phases: New & Full Moons Decoded| Astrostyle

Find out now! The two weeks that follow the dark moon phase is the perfect time for building up momentum and pushing forward on new projects and experiences. First dates, trying for babies, connecting with new suitors, and connecting with your higher self are all must-dos when the moon is waxing. This is the time of doing and being. If some circumstances have recently come up for you that need some healing, this is when you want to do the work. When dating someone, this is where a lot of the work will happen. This two- to three-day time period might catch you feeling a bit down, so let yourself just… take a breather.

Sit with your feelings. Ponder if you can move past your faults and those of others. This is also what could be called the calm right before the storm. You know something major is about to happen, and right now, you have time to take some deep breaths. And if you really need to hang with bae, then make sure to keep it super low-key. Do something fun and active, nothing too emotionally charged. Emotions tend to run a little high and erratic right before a full moon. Now is a great time to go into observation mood. Slowly, take in everything happening around you.

Process it. Push yourself to figure out what there is that is left to learn. This is the start of a very reflective time. Allow things to fall where they may, then collect the pieces of information you were gifted and prepare to make your next moves.