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For example, my sun is in Pisces, but my Mars, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Scorpio, a sign I've always felt more closely connected to than my sun sign. Pisces are known for being sensitive, passive, and easily seduced. To find out if you have a stellium, you have to get a copy of your birth chart.

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If you have an accurate time, place, and date of birth, you can actually look up anyone's birth chart using this link. In the left column, the planets are listed, and in the right column you can see the sign that planet is in. I am already subscribed to PureWow. Please log in to your account. Like What You See? Please accept the terms and privacy statement by checking the box below.

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16 Memes Relatable to Every Pisces

Gemini: Dark Kermit Meme I mean Virgo: Holding in a Fart Meme Virgos are nothing if not persistent. Aquarius: Is This A…? Meme Aquarians are always looking to the future, always questioning and always pushing the limits of what things could or should be. Pisces: Y Tho?

Aries: Success Kid Meme

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  6. Manage Your Account Enter your registered email below! Hundreds of millennial and Gen Z astrology pros have created dedicated meme accounts to help us use our moon, sun, and rising signs to figure out just what the heck is going on in our lives. Brutally honest accounts like astromemequeen , jakesastrology , and astrowonders give us their hilarious takes on how we're thriving, or not.

    But they can also show how we can all use our star signs to better relate to each other.

    The Best Astrology Accounts on Instagram

    As these zodiac meme accounts have taken over Instagram feeds, they've been calling out everything from Scorpio moon coping mechanisms , to Libra decision-making skills , and Cancers being in their feelings. Astrology memes are here for us to take a long, hard look at our lives, but will also allow us to laugh about our idiosyncrasies at the same time.

    The personalities behind the accounts themselves also have distinct voices, and create strong bonds with the followers they so lovingly use the stars to roast. One such popular account is notallgeminis.