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May 22, No Responses. The logic holds at bay intuition, but without its support does not arrive anywhere. In love, you need Virgo May 23 According to your stars of the day, characterized by a strong interior and some unexpected contrast is to keep calm and distant from the people issues. Forget the most strenuous and dedicate commitments to loved ones, to May 21, No Responses.

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Scorpio June horoscope will be able to capitalize on some of the key features of the zodiac sign as the charisma and charm. Love in fact be able to express yourself to the fullest. The advice of the stars May 20, No Responses. Sagittarius Today Horoscope May 20, The moon in your solar twelfth house suggests you to focus your strengths.

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TAURUS April May 20 : As I tried to meditate on your horoscope, my next-door neighbor was wielding a weed-whacker to trim her lawn, and the voices in my head were shouting extra loud. So I decided to drive down to the marsh to get some high-quality silence.

When I arrived at the trail head, I found an older man in ragged clothes leaning against the fence. Nearby was a grocery cart full of what I assumed were all his earthly belongings. You are, after all, in the last few days of your recharging process. It's still a good idea for you to lie low and be extra calm and vegetate luxuriously. But when should you rise up and leap into action again? Here's my guess: Get one more dose of intense stillness and silence.

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  • Some study the horoscopes for both their sun signs and rising signs, then create do-it-yourself blends of the two. Others prefer to wait until the week is over before consulting what I've written.

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    They don't want my oracles to influence their future behavior, but enjoy evaluating their recent past in light of my analysis. Then there are the folks who read all 12 of my horoscopes. They refuse to be hemmed in by just one forecast, and want to be free to explore multiple options. I encourage you to try experiments like these in the coming days. The moment is ripe to cultivate more of your own unique strategies for using and interpreting the information you absorb -- both from me and from everyone else you listen to. Are you spending extra time soaking in hot baths and swimming in bodies of water that rejuvenate you?

    Have you been opening your soul to raw truths that dissolve your fixations and to beauty that makes you cry and to love that moves you to sing? I hope you're reverently attending to these fluidic needs. I hope you're giving your deepest yearnings free play and your freshest emotions lots of room to unfold. Smart, well-lubricated intimacy is a luxurious necessity, my dear.

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    Stay very, very wet. LEO July Aug. What can you do to ensure that happens? How might you generate a flood of new ideas about how to live your life and understand the nature of reality? Here are some suggestions: Read books about creativity. Hang around with original thinkers and sly provocateurs.

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    Insert yourself into situations that will strip you of your boring certainties. And take this vow: "I hereby unleash the primal power of my liberated imagination. During your adolescence, did you nurture a fantasy relationship with a pretend boyfriend or girlfriend?

    Since you reached adulthood, have you ever enjoyed consorting with muses or guardian angels or ancestral spirits? This is a time when a new acquaintance or contact can provide beneficial advice.

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    • Grab every opportunity to excel at your career. If everything runs smoothly, it is a sign from above that you are on the right path.

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      There are times when you should refuse to be persuaded against your better judgment. LEO July Aug. You hunger to take charge or rule the roost, but you will make more progress by collaborating with someone who complements your unseen deficits. Well-timed splicing can unite divergent things or people.

      New friends could enhance your reputation or widen your sphere of influence. Surprise and amaze your friends by demonstrating your hidden talents. Keep your long-range plan of action firmly in mind — even if tempted by passing interests in a hobby or a sideline. Ignore those who want to sell political ideals.