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Lucky you! You have Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth in the part of your chart associated with work.

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It brings opportunities to maximise your strengths and use your skills to great effect. The January Supermoon Lunar Eclipse is your promise that you can create a new personal paradigm this year, which gives you an encouraging vision for your future.

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As you take steps towards changing your present to fit your dreams, you'll move away from stress towards a more genuine sense of security. The idea of life-changing moments in your love life may be exciting, but they usually only occur when things are going very well - or badly. So, be ready for January's Supermoon Lunar Eclipse; because it's a signal that even though it rests on a foundation of tranquillity, your journey through will include drama, intensity and passion. The Transit of Mercury brings choices which have heart-felt consequences.

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Tackle food waste? Or you could do what everybody does, and just carry on with your life as usual. The world is full of good intentions. Yet this month, if you really want to make a significant difference, you can!