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The North Node represents the future and points to paths to travel for growth.


The North Node is the growth path required to clear this karmic pattern. People who push your emotional buttons often have nodal connections between your chart and theirs. These prenatal eclipses have a profound influence you and the energy pattern follows you throughout your life. The Solar Eclipse sign determines what your gift to teach others is. The Lunar Eclipse sign indicates the lessons you have chosen to learn in this lifetime.

Pisces Karmic Astrology

An unoccupied house indicates that this is an area of life that is not relevant in your current life. You may have already completed the karma of learning from that house in past lifetimes or you will deal with this house in future incarnations. The 7th and 8th Houses are the relationship houses and can show relationship karma. The 7th House covers all aspects of relationships including lovers, marriage, business, and enemies from both the past and present.

What Does My Past Life Analysis Have To Reveal?

The 8th House is about how you give and share yourself with others. The planets in the 12th House and aspects to them, the sign on the 12th House cusp, and other signs in the 12th House provide information about your karma. The 12th House is considered a karmic house, a house that shows memories and unfinished business from past lives. A karmic debt or repayment is likely if one or more planets are found in the 12th House, especially if they are the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto.

The 12th House represents your 1st House traits from your previous life, which were your personality characteristics and which may be hidden in your current life. If the same sign is on the cusp of both the l2th and 1st houses, it may indicate what a continued existence, which means the previous life was interrupted before its purposes were fulfilled. Stellia point to significant issues regarding concerns, feelings, reactions, and drives with which you have dealt before and are coming up again in your current life.

A stellium also points to areas where you have had specific skills and talents in the past. These can be brought forward into your current life. The outer planets have a much stronger karmic influence on you. Outer planets positions when retrograde, intercepted, or involved with water houses correlate to groups of individuals who have chosen to reincarnate together and have similar issues.

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It indicates the time period in which you developed the spiritual and psychological foundations that provide the belief structure of your current life. If Saturn is involved in a karmic configuration, achievement is very important to you. If Mercury is involved in a karmic configuration, communication is very important to you. If Venus is involved in a karmic configuration, love and self-worth is very important to you. If Mars is involved in a karmic configuration, will, power, and physical activities are very important to you.

If Jupiter is involved in a karmic configuration, social opportunity, luck, and reward are very important to you. If Uranus is involved in a karmic configuration, aliveness is very important to you.

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Uranus reveals when your soul developed the spiritual understandings that will help transform what Saturn indicates you are working on now. If Neptune is involved in a karmic configuration, emotional ecstasy and creative pursuits are very important to you. Neptune can show the age in which your present artistic, psychic, or mystical abilities were developed. If Pluto is involved in a karmic configuration, fearlessness and empowerment are very important to you. Pluto indicates how you signed on to help humanity.

Pluto retrograde shows when you created karma that you signed up to balance in this lifetime.

Sample Karmic Past Life Report

The blockages in a planet square the nodal axis must be released before the soul contract can be fulfilled. The Ascendant, Descendant, and Midheaven work the same way as planets when they are aligned with the south node. Saturn in square and opposite aspect to the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars indicate a karmic debt or repayment. Note that absence of these aspects does not necessarily mean there is no karmic debt. However, the aspiration toward that goal created a karmic obligation to reach the goal in order to satisfy the desire for it.

An imbalance can indicate an over-abundance or lack of an element in past lives. In summary look at the following areas of your chart for past life and karmic information: 1. Planets in square aspect to the South Node 3. The Solar and Lunar Eclipse just before your birth 4. The 12th House 5.

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Saturn in square or opposite aspect to the Sun, Moon, Venus, or Mars 7. Anywhere that 3 or more planets exist in one house or sign. Some programs will automatically know whether you were born in standard time or daylight time. No, it will not tell you whether you were a Napoleon or a Josephine, exactly; it will, however, tell you the what, or substance, of who you have been, and how past experiences and events have helped to shape the —you— that exists today.

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  6. These revelations may answer questions that have long troubled you, and perhaps help you unlock potential that, although you have felt it for some time, you have never realized in your present existence. Regardless of what you learn, it is an adventure you will enjoy and remember for a long time.

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