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Gemini: we can talk about a period a bit unclear regarding your house, family or a real estate business. Leo: this is a period for revising some issues related to money, a work contact, for reconsidering your personal and material values, you feel the need to get out of some collaborations that solicit you financially. Virgo: during this period, you need to organize your personal life, some important aspects reemerging now, to redefine your own personality, to rediscover a new way of interacting with others.

Libra: you rather prefer to retire in solitude, because you feel like isolating yourself from the world and concerning yourself with the spiritual side of existence.

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It is possible to return to places with a high spiritual charge, places dear to you. Sagittarius : you have a predisposition to all kinds of complaints in the relationship with your superiors or family. Capricorn: some aspects related to higher education may be revised during this period, which is characterized by an intense intellectual and also relational activity with people living abroad.

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Aquarius: you need to pay attention to any financial initiative, whether is about financial support, a loan or a business plan. Pisces: this is a good time to reanalyze a partnership, to reexamine the relationship with your life partner and your life as a couple. It is possible for an ex-partner to return in your life. Read also: Planetary Retrogrades and Their Effects. Skip to content Search for:.

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Lead people on, give mixed messages or believe everything you hear actions speak louder than words. Turn in sloppy or unchecked work, cut corners, dash off hasty communications.

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Inspect to protect! Mercury retrograde is a great opportunity to handle unfinished business. The retrograde is like a quarterly review. As the cliche goes, what you resist persists.

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Mercury retrogrades typically happen three or four times a year. Here are the dates and the zodiac signs Mercury backspins in this year:. Get the Horoscope Guide!

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Brace yourself for breakdowns: Communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio from October 31 to November 20, Truth bombs, travel snags and technology hiccups are on the horizon. You may also like.

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Daily Horoscopes: October 8, Daily Horoscopes: October 7, Arguably the best networkers of the zodiac, Aquarians may get a creative jolt this full moon from socializing with their coworkers more. Naturally chatty, your curiosity will be piqued during this full moon," Mckean explains.

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  7. Pisces is poised to harness this full moon's creative spark to overcome challenges at work, according to Furiate. The September full moon in Pisces is going to be an especially creative time for everyone, no matter your zodiac sign. So take advantage of the opportunity to try doing things a different way at work. It might pay off.

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